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Shop for beats, beat packs or submit to my Spotify Playlists. My store features multiple BOGO sales for beats, bulk discounts in the form of beat packs and many different styles of Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB and Pop instrumentals. All beats are sent out instantly for download upon purchase. All beats are available for free download as well, but only for non profit personal use.

Frequently asked questions

Are your beats free?

All my beats are available for free untagged MP3 download, however, they can only be downloaded for personal usage and NOT for profit. If you're to use the beats on any monetizable platform a license must be purchased.

What level of license do you reccomend?

Generally, it all depends on your intentions with the beat. If it's your first project and you have no way to commerically push your tracks, I'd suggest a $20 or $40 lease. However, if you already have a following or plan on heavily promoting your track, I'd reccomend a higher level of license to prevent any contract voiding in the future. If your track preforms better than expected you can always upgrade your license too.

How do I credit the producer?

On social media you should tag me in your post @prodbysyndrome or at least write "Beat by Syndrome" or "Produced by Syndrome" in the bio. When it comes to streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music etc, I am to be credited as a writer under my full name "James TenNapel" and as producer under my alias "Syndrome". Most distributors ask for this information anyway.

Will all voice tags be removed?

Yes, upon purchase an untagged audio file(s) will be sent to you directly.